Trained schools

At the beginning of this project, we wanted to cover everything, arrive as a Foundation for all children and shelter them under a single uniform, however, that is not always the best. We understand that sometimes it is not as profitable to accommodate the largest number of children and young people, but that we can reach those who arrive directly at the process, its teachers.

For this reason we began the work of reaching our schools, foundations, social projects and sports institutions in general, so that from the communication they have with their students, activities and work tools, the process can be very best.

A sporting partner process

When a work team understands that before players are people, it understands directly how to improve performance, communication, teamwork, and multidisciplinary processes that generate high performance teams, moderated and worked from society. That before being a player he is a useful person for society.

The teams that have adapted the process have understood that their students improve both social and sports processes, when a student has full confidence in his team he immediately trusts more in himself, because he will know that by losing a ball they will not all go over him, generating thus feedbacks much more effective, better work and longer duration.

"Before being a player, he is a useful person for society"

We generate work, we give tools, activities and process in general that allow the sports team to generate greater efficiency in their teaching processes, generating less rejection capacity, and increasing factors such as self-esteem, empathy, trust, communication, among others.