Manufacturing of articles

In order to continue funding the foundation and benefit those parents who work hard for their children attached to the foundation's project, we saw ourselves in the function of implementing sales of articles created by those parents who independently generate a job. in their homes.

Among the products we create are open, closed, hats, T-shirts, sports uniforms, bibs, among others. That at the same time that they allow an economic growth for the Foundation, they generate an economic growth in their lives.

Example of life

Consuelo is the mother of Juan David and one of the people in charge of doing these sewing jobs. She has worked all her life sewing and is one of the best, according to her work, in making the production.

"This is what I have done all my life, what I like and what I do best," she says when asked why she chose this.

Her day starts at 7:00 a.m. when she leaves her house, after leaving breakfast and lunch for her and her child ready, she goes to the place where she will have to spend the whole day, gather buttons, close dresses, shirts or the product of " season "that are working in the workshop.

"The secret of life is to do everything with love."

The satellites (so called the external sewing places of the companies) are not places of very good pay, and that is why you must work until beyond 7:00 pm, in order to get the value with which you will cancel the room where he sleeps with his son. However, and with a smile indicates, "the secret of the is to do everything with love", fighting, enjoying every moment and knowing that smiling and working with passion life will smile.