A different move

Currently in Suba, Bogotá. Children and young people have access, privileges and too much information, something good and very bad at the same time. For the society they are cataloged in their majority like children of the bunch, like those who will not obtain much, who do not dream with a Top University of the country, a good house, or simply they do not dream with being happy. Because happiness does not deserve it.

For this reason, a different play is the name of the project that shows that everything is different, because the plays are made by them, because they are the ones who day by day demonstrate that they want to overcome, overcome those social barriers that are imposed on them and be better. of what they want to see.

The change begins with me

After they enter the program, they undergo an adaptation process, where they understand that it is not me, that they just do not arrive, that we are all worth the same, that we do not have more opportunities or less because we do not have them, that working as a team will reach much further away.

This is the case of one of them, Keiner, with 11 years old he comes to the team understanding that his individual capacity will be able to take him to what he desires, his dream of being a professional footballer, however, understanding that even if he has the skills he can not do it and achieve it only, now, highlights with phrases such as "talent wins games, but teamwork wins championships", generating in your team strength, motivation, enthusiasm and commitment to the group goal, understanding that not only am I, we are all those who work.

"Talent wins matches, but teamwork wins championships"

Equally, the team understands that everything I know, can not be saved, because it stays, that I must have the ability to teach it, because when my team plays with the capacity I expect, because they know how it is done, because they have fun and Because they are engaged, the game works much better immediately.